About Us

FormaHoof ® Innovative Podiatry Systems

At FormaHoof®, we develop advanced innovative podiatry systems for hooved animals using state-of-the-art technologies that:

  • Support hoof health;
  • Assist in reforming damaged or deformed hooves;
  • Form part of a successful treatment system for laminitic hooves;
  • Provide alternative simple -to-use, no-glue and no-nails, molded shoeing systems.
  • Provide specialized traction patterns to assist with grip in Equine Sports
  • Help correct foal conformation

We have collaborated with world industry leaders from many fields including:

  • equine health professionals,
  • farrier/podiatrists,
  • elite sportsmen,
  • jockeys,
  • high goal polo teams,
  • Jumping Equestrians
  • endurance equestrians and many more,
  • …to develop cutting-edge technologies to provide the most advanced hoof care in the equine industry.

Our team is extremely passionate about the well-being of horses and has put extensive research into our line of products to help Farriers and Veterinarians offer the best solutions to every horse.